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Philip Vermuelen interviewed by ITGWO for POST at home

Photo by Julia Schmitz

A look into what Philip Vermuelen has been up to in these strange times; namely a dark quarantine playlist and a dive into the legacy of Genesis P-Orridge. Interviewed for POST at home with ITGWO.

Strange times, right? You do nothing about it, it is what it is, et cetera. But right now there is a need for contact, and for music and art to help us get through this period. People from the regions of Into The Great Wide Open are interviewed about their time right now for POST at home.

‘I would now be busy with my first solo exhibition: building, playing, breaking, running around in light chaos, connecting things, shouting at the computer and drawing compositions in peace with felt-tip pens. There will be five new works, all of which are quite complex in movement and management. Now it has suddenly become uncertain what will happen to the exhibition. The rest of the summer is already crossed out anyway and there is resistance to next year. All of this requires quite a bit of planning and brewing different scenarios. If this then that.’

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