Creative Coding II: Interactive audio-visual coding

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November 27-29, 2020
Iii workspace, The Hague
11:00 – 14:00
Facilitators: Sohrab Motabar & Jeyong Jung

This 3-day creative coding workshop is an introduction to creating audio-visual works that can be controlled with physical interfaces.

Facilitators Sohrab Motabar and Jeyong Jung are composers who adopt algorithmic approaches and explore real-time systems that translate sound into visuals and vice versa. They aim to make systems that seem to operate randomly or autonomously but are still strongly influenced by human control.

In the workshop, Sohrab and Jeyong will share their knowledge on these systems, including various methods of converting sounds to images and vice versa. We will use the programming language Processing.

More information on the workshop here

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