Radio vs. Rectangles: Radio space as a place for creating presence

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Radio vs. Rectangles
Radio space as a place for creating presence in a screen-based time
June 8, 10, 15, 17, 24
Online via zoom

Shipping is limited to the EU. North American participants may email

Facilitators: Peter Flemming and Martín Rodríguez
Language: English

The goal of this ears-on/hands-on workshop is for participants to explore radio space as a medium for making art through the creation of their own radio artwork. Along the way, participants will expand their radio art material vocabulary through the collective building of radio receivers and transmitters.

Radio v. Rectangles culminates in a group cabaret performance on the online radio platform Acoustic Mirror

The crystal radio kit includes:

crystal radio receiver
germanium diode detectors (the “cat’s whisker” part of the circuit)
sensitive piezo earpiece (to hear the signals your radio receives, without batteries!)
alligator clip cables

simple am transmitter
crystal oscillators in a can (two different frequencies)
small audio transformer
mini colourful breadboard (to build your circuit on)
pre-wired audio jack (to plug into a sound source)
AA battery holder(to hold 4 batteries to power your transmitter)

bonus parts for optional soldered version of transmitter
custom made printed circuit board
solderable socket for holding crystal oscillator
solderable socket for holding audio transformer
small on/off switch
LED indicator (shows transmitter is ON)
solderable audio jack

List of additional materials you will need to get yourself HERE

Zoom link will be sent a few days before the workshop
Cancellations are possible up to two weeks before this workshop
Refunds are only possible if the kit is returned two iii two weeks before the workshop
Please email for more details

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This ticket is for the Radio vs. Rectangles Workshop with Peter Flemming and Martín Rodriguez.

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