The residency program for 2022 is now full. We will be accepting applications for 2023 starting in January 2022. The first selection round for 2023 applications will be in March 2022.

About the residency program

iii’s residency program allows internationally established artists and local emerging artists to work side by side for a period of time in the iii workspace in The Hague. Guest artists are invited to connect with the local community, develop new work and present their work to the local public. The residency program is based on iii’s mission, values, artistic focus and program themes.

iii’s mission is to:

  • inspire people to develop their own ways of engaging with technology through art
  • share beautiful and unique experiences connecting technology and the senses
  • discover new forms of physicality, sociality and community in a post-digital world
  • encourage community building, participation and social entrepreneurship across disciplinary, geographical and cultural boundaries

Core values

  • international excellence, iii promotes research and creation in the field of Art, Science and Technology at the highest international level
  • talent development, iii offers a platform where the most dedicated new talents can jump-start their professional art practice
  • cultural diversity, iii promotes participation from people with all backgrounds in the processes of technological innovation
  • fair pay, iii provides work that is creatively and financially rewarding, while also advocating on behalf of financially vulnerable groups

Artistic focus

iii promotes artistic work that channels the human inclination for curiosity and invention and which engages directly with the human senses and the human body.

iii develops projects that present playful approaches to science and technology within the fields of music, visual art and theatre. While the field of Art and Technology emerged in the 20th century to promote collaboration between specialists working in separate disciplines, today we see practices that are
interdisciplinary at the root. No longer engineers working with artists, artists working with scientists, painters working with musicians, but creatives and researchers that navigate between and connect formerly distinct realms.

The interdisciplinary focus of iii stems directly from the teachings of Dick Raaymakers and Frans Evers at the ArtScience Interfaculty in The Hague. The school is characterised both by framing art as a vehicle for human curiosity, as well as for a creative method balancing technical innovations with conceptual thinking and sensory experience.

Program Themes

The program of iii is set on 3 thematic threads.

  • With “Technological Imaginarium” we reflect on narratives of progress in relation to human imagination, the desire for new experiences and the need to develop responsible approaches to innovation.
  • In “Dance of Agency” we look at affinities between scientific and artistic research, as processes of reciprocal negotiation between humans, machines and the non-human world.
  • In “Meeting at the Margins” we consider the position of our community within society and on the importance of solidarity and cooperation.
    The complete description of our program themes can be found HERE

Research Residencies

Research residencies provide artists with the opportunity to research materials, concepts, and processes in response to the research question at the core of their proposal. We ask that artists not only consider their research question but also how their research will engage creatively with technology and how it will be experienced by an audience.

Research residencies have a duration of 1 month and result in a public presentation at iii workspace. Further development and presentations of projects developed during research residencies can take place in the context of a production residency and/or in the context of iii’s agency (for example a project developed within the context of a research residency could be supported by iii with a production residency in a subsequent year, or if already sufficiently developed could be directly distributed through iii’s agency).

Production Residencies

A production residency offers artists the chance to spend time developing and producing a completed work. Production residencies have a duration of 2 months and include a production budget. This commissioned work is intended for distribution within iii’s agency. In order for iii to commission the production of a new work through a production residency, iii needs to be convinced of the potential of the project to reach a sufficiently wide circulation in iii’s current and future network of presentation partners. In practice this means that a proposal for a production residency will need to receive the interest of several presentation partners (as well as iii) to be accepted.


Residents have access to iii’s 500 m2 shared workspaces which includes a 200m2 project space for large scale project development and presentation, wood, metal and electronics workshops, a sound-isolated sound studio as well as 2 coworking rooms. These facilities are shared between 16 workspace members and 1-3 rotating guest residents.


Residencies are scheduled in one of two periods; Spring (March – May) and Autumn (September – November), when the artistic climate of The Hague is at its liveliest.

The schedule is made by iii in consultation with residents and iii program partners, in order to curate a program that fosters exchange between artists and generates engagement with the public.

We ask residents for a stated preference for a residency period (within the aforementioned time frames), but we also ask for a reasonable degree of flexibility to make it possible for iii to curate the program and to connect residents with peers and audience.

Typically we plan residencies between 18 to 6 months in advance

Travel and Accommodation

International residents will be provided with accommodation in guest studio apartments (at an external facility, separate from iii workspace) for the duration of their stay. International residents also receive a travel budget. For residents based in The Netherlands coverage of travel and accommodation costs can be discussed based on need.


  • – All residents are provided with a fee based on a monthly rate of €2000 (excluding Dutch VAT).
  • – Research residencies are granted a material expenses budget up to €1000.
  • – Production residencies are granted a production budget up to a maximum of €5000.
  • – Travel costs (international residents) will be reimbursed up to €750.
  • – Budget for accommodation (international residents) up to €1500.
  • – Artist fees will be provided for presentations organised by iii in conjunction to the residencies, excluding the first presentation, in line with fair practice guidelines.

Requirements for all residencies

  • – Residents are required to spend the majority of the residency period in The Hague.
  • – Residents are required to give a minimum of 1 public presentation (workshop, performance, exhibition) within iii’s program during the residency.
  • – Residents will be available to attend one meet and greet event (dinner and/or drinks) at iii workspace to connect to our community, and will be invited to attend other social and cultural events.
  • – Residents will be available for interviews with press arranged by iii.
  • – Residents will be available to have their work documented by iii in photo and video published via iii’s digital channels.

Requirements for production residencies (commission agreement)

Commissions will be subject to a contract, the outline of which is the following:

  • – Artworks commissioned by iii remain the sole property of the artist(s).
  • – iii has the right to publish documentation of the commissioned works.
  • – The commissioned work will be included in the portfolio of works available for distribution by iii’s agency (non-exclusive).
  • – The commissioned artist will credit iii as having commissioned the work at every presentation of the work in all communication material.
  • – The commissioned artist will inform iii in advance of each presentation of the commissioned work (where possible not less than 4 weeks in advance), so that iii can promote the presentation via iii’s channels.
  • – At each presentation of the commissioned artwork (for 5 years following the premiere) if the artist fee for presenting the commissioned artwork is equal to or above €1000, excluding VAT and production costs, then iii will receive 15% of the artist fee.
  • – The commissioned artist will inform iii of the audience reach of the work (on an annual basis) for a period of five years from the commission date.

How to apply

If you wish to apply for a residency at iii please send us your proposal. Proposals should contain the following:
– an outline of your research question and how it connects to your previous work;
– how you intend to conduct this research during the residency;
– how the research will it be presented to the public;
– how the proposal connects to the artistic focus and program themes of iii;
– an outline of the project budget;
– indications about any additional partners who will be supporting the project (optional);
– portfolio documenting previous work (links to online documentation preferred).

Proposals should be maximum 2 pages excluding portfolio.

Once your application is received it will be reviewed by our organisation team and iii members. If we find the proposal in line with our objectives and if there is still space in our program then we will get back to you with further information.

You can submit your proposals to