Jesus Canuto Iglesias

 Jesus Canuto Iglesias was born in Madrid in 1992. His education was based in Spain, The United States, France, and The Netherlands.

A trained photographer, Jesus is a multidisciplinary artist focused on the creation of art that is rich in conceptual ideas and sensorial transmission. He has a high level of interest in discussing the purpose of Art and Music for the individual and the collective, as well as the usage of the knowledge of different psychological biases as conceptual and methodological backgrounds to his work. Not leaving only the role of sensorial, interactive or conceptual elements; his artworks consist of installations that ask questions about his lived experience. He makes use of traditional creation methods and techniques as well as of technological elements in his artworks.

Iglesias has presented at numerous festivals and exhibitions including TodaysArt, November Music, Into The Great Wide Open, and RAFLOST Festival in Iceland.

Jesus was scheduled to present his work at No Patent Pending #39 within Rewire festival, Theatre aan het Spui, on April 4. However, due to COVID-19 regulations, the event was cancelled and the residency was done virutally.

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Documentation of the residency: