Peter Flemming

Peter Flemming is a full-time artist, part-time professor and curator in Montréal who exhibits and works internationally. Research interests include ad hoc architecture, intuitive physics, informal engineering, neuromimes, solar power, waste harvest, and saunas. Flemming’s work considers natural and technological ecologies, in site-specific projects that are resolved intuitively and experimentally.

“My principal aim is to build systems I do not fully understand, with the intention of attempting to understand them. Technological systems for interpreting and shaping desire texture daily life; a means to rationally orchestrate the world. Might not there be a need for systems which irrationally de-orchestrate?”

Flemming’s works have been shown at a variety of festivals, exhibitions, and institutions including Future Flux Festival, CTM festival in Germany, the Festival international d’arts multidisciplinaires et électroniques in Canada, Le Bon Accueil in France, the Biennale for Art and Technology in Norway, and the International New Media Art Festival in Slovenia-Italy.

Peter will be hosting the Crystal Radio Workshop on May 16-17 at the iii workspace.