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Science of Sound at DordtYart Reviewed on Metropolis M

The Science of Sound exhibition at DordtyArt was reviewed by Nathalie van der Lely in Metropolis M:

“The combination of centrifugal forces and the feeling of weightlessness has been driving children to the playground for decades. It is magical to swing side by side at a different pace, and after a while to find each other in the center of the centrifugal force. In the Science of Sound exhibition in the large warehouse of DordtYart I am immersed between art and science, humor and serious concentration. And I experienced twice the feeling of weightlessness in this technological playground.”

“The installation All is Well (2018) by Erfan Abdi, who pontifically heralds the beginning of the exhibition, recalls a bygone childhood in which, on rainy days, setting up a trail of found objects as long as possible and rolling marbles onto it was a daily task. Abdi’s spatial composition stimulates your hearing: the more intensely you listen, the better you can follow the tin balls through the enormous course and you will see the diverse materials that make up the labyrinth, which is continuously under construction.”

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