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Tafelmanieren (Tabling) by Jeroen Uyttendaele released on Umland editions

A recording of a performance of Tafelmanieren (Tabling) by Jeroen Uyttendaele has been released on Umland editions and is now available for download HERE.

About Tafelmanieren (Tabling)
Microphones and speakers are transducers that translate sound into other things and turn other things into sounds. In this installation these ‘other things’ are a series of sound sculptures which bring outside wind sounds inside and translate them into vibrations and back again to sound.

Sounds from outside are altered into low vibrations and fed to horizontally placed metallic speakers. Objects such as crystal glasses, vases and tubes placed on to the speakers filter the outside sounds further. These sounds are amplified and fed back to the other speakers generating a continues flow of feedback and filtered noises.