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Tena Lazarevic and Sand Songs on Soundzipper

Architect Tena Lazarevic discusses her interest in sound and her installation in collaboration with Jesse Smits at Sand Songs.

“Tena says that project is the most rewarding she’s done thus far in her career.”

“I really liked to work with the forces of nature,” Tena says. “It was a little clumsy at the end in the aesthetic sense but it sounded amazing. The Netherlands is a pretty regulated environment. Zandmotor is an exception, where men are working together with nature. It is an artificial sand environment, that is, however, constantly being changed by wind and sea. It was amazing and challenging to have this free environment to work in.”

“I find complex patterns from nature truly inspirational. The movements of the trees, wind, water.The rain. The cycles and deep geological times. I would like to work more with forces of the nature, because I believe they can be very meditative and calming. Connecting to natural rhythms helps us connect to our inner selves”

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