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Till Bovermann Interviewed on Jegens & Tevens

Just before Till Bovermann returned for the second part of his residency at iii, he gave an interview with Nathalie van der Lely from Jegens en Tevens.

“I tend to first analyze circumstances for their technical and structural components rather than look into social or societal implications. Which somehow makes me very aware of those, once I start thinking about them.

Yet, my work and thinking is driven by the grounds of social and humanist interaction. My intent is to translate observations into modes that can be heard, seen and shared with others. I attempt to establish cross-modal sensing without explaining or being upfront judgmental.

I see my artwork as my interpretation of these contrasting elements. I build tools for reflection, to let go of the all-encompassing hazzle, a space to discover new perspectives and insights on circumstances and phenomena that are normally taken for granted. I gained expertise in studying natural phenomena, like wind, water current and motion, with the intent to shift spectators’ experiences of them into something unusual, something that makes them listen.”

Read the full interview here.