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Virtual Resident Peter Flemming Interviewed On Jegens & Tevens

spiderlogic (i) 2016 in-situ improvised kinetic / sound installation photo credit: Peter Flemming

Artist in residence Peter Flemming was interviewed by Cybil Scott on Jegens & Tevens.

Peter Flemming is is a full-time artist, part-time professor and curator in Montréal who exhibits and works internationally. Research interests include ad hoc architecture, intuitive physics, informal engineering, neuromimes, solar power, waste harvest, and saunas.

“The technological instruments of our highly individualized western white society are metaphors for the world, reflecting greed and selfish pursuits of the individual- among other things. We are still stuck in a mechanistic world view of interlocking parts, where trees are made of wood and the ground has metal. We self-interpret as machines or systems.”

“An overarching thread is to compartmentalize our thinking into manageable chunks, but there is a paradigm shift happening I think. There’s many artists, thinkers, scientists, activists working with holistic systems that blur borders and narratives and think critically about how these forces are predicting, controlling, and killing us. I work with and also against that at the same time. It’s a negotiation if you’re working with tech, walking a similar kind of tightrope using meta-awareness and looking at it with a critical eye.”

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