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Wen Chin Fu and ĦOŻŻ IL-ĦSEJJES on Kultura News

Wen Chin Fu was interviewed on Kultura News about the Ħożż il-ħsejjes project that she has been working on in Birkirkara, Malta in collaboration with Raffaella Zammit, Elyse Tonna, Marvin Zammit and Andrea Pullicino. The team has been developing instruments and workshops with two materials: clay and wheat.

“They have a new idea with working with clay. It’s to build new instruments. for me that is very interesting idea. I learned what is the character of clay and I remember what she told me what is really nice is… your eye is on your hands, so you really feel the clay, which is really important, as I work a lot with sound and sound is also not a lot about watching…it’s really… you feel, you open your ear, so when I work with clay, we work with instinct but it’s really based on all the experience we had.”

This project is a collaboration between the Gabriel Caruana Foundation (Malta), Instrument Inventors Initiative (Netherlands) and Mighty Box (Malta). This project is supported by Arts Council Malta – Malta Arts Fund, ŻiguŻajg Festival and Spazju Kreattiv.

The project involves workshops at The Mill (August and September 2019), an interactive installation at Spazju Kreattiv (November to December 2019) and workshops during ZiguZajg Festival (November).