Etudes pour le Livecoding à une Main

Etudes pour le Livecoding à une Main is a performance where Marije rehearses livecoding with a one-handed keyboard by playing the scripts of other livecoding artists. This piece takes a look at how to practice livecoding and the skills it involves. It questions whether performing other livecoded scripts is still livecoding.

Typing is one the main physical skills involved in text-based livecoding. The ‘classical’ interface for this is the ‘qwerty’-keyboard for 10 finger blind typing. In search for an alternative interface allowing to get away from the laptop, but still code via a text interface, Marije came across the commercial Twiddler one-handed (twelve-button) keyboard. To learn how to use it, she needed practice materials to study the chording for writing code. Marije created an interface that allows for playback of recorded livecoding scripts, which she needs to type and execute line by line. The interface is available at

Etudes pour le livecoding à une main, WORM, 2019