Half Twaalf (Ongehoord)

Half Twaalf (Ongehoord) consists of field recordings between 22-01-2021 and 17-02-2021; a documentation of sounds left unheard during the time of curfew in the Netherlands.

“The curfew is limiting our freedom of movement during the night. As an evening person, who enjoys to take a walk late at night, this was a reason to get out on the street at night, and as an artist document the sounds that are outside – left unheard, except for dog owners and workers who have to be out on the street, those trespassing the curfew and the police monitoring the curfew.

Upon taking a walk every night at roughly the same time, following the same route, the repetition of each walk and the deviation of this repetition each night becomes apparent. The weather is different each night (wind or no wind, wind directions, rain, snow, ice), the regular dog walkers are met at different moments during the walk, the passing of traffic of cars, trams, busses, bikes, boats and scooters, and the  birds.

Presented on a dynamic website, the visitor can listen through these walks, and compare the different recordings, jump to pauses in the walk and see a visualisation of their own walk through these recordings.”