Matteo Marangoni
Melissa Cruz, Aleks Kolkowski, Anne Wellmer


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How to visualize sound and music in the context of the Berliner Phonogramm-Archiv?

“Lichtklangphonogramm” is an exhibition of historical and re-invented optical and mechanical sound machines from the era of the wax cylinder phonograph which embarks upon a travel through time from the moment when the first sound recording machines were invented in combination to the archeology of moving images of the 19th century and backwards.

Listening stations, projecting phonoscopes, episcopes, mutoscopes, mechanoscopes among others are self-made machines exhibited in order to create a landscape of light and sound relating to cultural anthropology and heritage.







With special thanks to:

Elke Moltrecht, X-Tract-Production, Berlin
Marcus Riedel & Zolle, Lighting and Technical Assistance, Berlin
Verena Hohn, Andreas Richter, Albrecht Wiedmann, Phonogramm Archiv, Berlin
Erich Nixel, Annette Begerow, Berlin
Duncan Miller, Vulcan Records, Sheffield
Erfan Abdi, Production Assistance, Den Haag
Ed Jansen, Photography, Den Haag
Andrea Ortiz Diaz, Production Assistance, Bogota

Science Museum Workshops, London
Toverlantaarn Museum, Den Haag
Museum Speelklok, Utrecht