Maziterido is a sono-aromatic organ, a multisensory installation that explores synesthetic connections through smell, space, and sound.

It is a labyrinthian environment to navigate through streams of aromas and tones that surprises the audience inside a mysterious space. Visitors discover the different elements of the installation as they get closer to them, while tracing a personal map moved by their individual impulses.

The word Maziterido mixes maze-, labyrinth, -iter-, from the Latin path, and the Spanish suffix -ido, perceptible by the senses. The work displays a total of fifteen pipes of different lengths spread in space in a semi-random fashion producing not only sounds but also spreading smells. The longest tube is four meters long and the shortest fifty centimetres, all counting with a fan attached to one of its ends. The fan excites the pipe producing a particular tone, which is determined by the length of the tube, like a musical organ. In the other end of the pipe there is a textile impregnated with a particular smell that is diffused with the air released by the fan.

Visitors hear the sounds of the pipes, which are also enhanced and dynamically superimposed by playing back recordings of those tones previously registered. There is a generative composition designed to unveil the tones in cycles that change organically at every sequence.


Photos by Pieter Kers