Poetics and Politics of Erasure

Yun Lee


Poetics and Politics of Erasure is a digital essay on the aesthetics and politics of erasure in audio, visual, and digital cultures. The framework for erasure is drawn from the video game Katamari Damacy and internet aesthetics. It investigates power relations in dominant archival practices, traces how memory storage technology reinforces hierarchical models of knowledge, and poses the generative potential of erasure in alternative models of knowing, doing, and being. It locates strategies of erasure in the forms of erasure/forgetting, translation/mutation, and recontextualizing/remythologizing.

The essay was produced and published on oneacre.online from Dec 2017 to Mar 2018 in collaboration with Victoria Douka-doukapolou, Stef Kors, and Titus Knegtel. Each time viewers visit the site, several words are deleted. This happens until the main text disappears and only the footnotes remain.

You can find a version of the essay here.

Written and conceptualized by Yun Ingrid Lee
Edited by Victoria Douka-doukopolou
Design by Titus Knegtel
Developed by Stef Kors