Yolanda Uriz

2017 - 2018

~.Soinusain.~ (2017-18) a multi-sensory installation that proposes an
intimate immersive experience inside sono-olfactive micro-environments.

Those micro-environments are three hanging cubical hexagons where we
introduce our torso and head, activating the sounds. Inside them, we can
listen to abstract tones and perceive particular smells. We are
partially deprived of our sight, therefore the sensations given by the
rest of the senses are enhanced and in that state of intimacy we can be
transported to other symbolic universes.

Traditional perfumery classifies scents into base, middle and high notes
to compose fragrances, just as musical chords are constructed with
musical notes. This installation explores combinations of sounds and
smells considering the wavelength of the sounds and the molecular size
of the scents presented. One hexagon for the low sounds and odors,
another for the mid range frequencies and the last for the high ones.

As synesthesia has been explored in the arts mainly by blending vision
and hearing, ~.Soinusain.~ is part of my research into synesthetic
experiences that combine sound and smell in relation to space.

Its first version was co-produced by STEIM, where it was premiered at
the Amsterdam Museum Night (NL) in November 2017 and will remain part of
their ongoing exhibition Micro-Tone at the Sound Art Hallway until 2022. In 2018, its
second version has been presented at the XXI Mostra d´art Públic in
Valencia University.

soinusain by Yolanda Uriz