Tasteful Turntable

Lars Kynde
Nikolaj Kynde

2012 - 2015


How does sound affect our perception of food, and how does taste affect our experience of music?

Tasteful Turntable is a sensuous performance that explores this sense-interference between music and gastronomy.
The performance takes place around a slowly rotating dining table designed to let the guests experience parallel stimuli through these two senses. Different small dishes containing only one bite each are carefully positioned on the table, and four guests wearing headphones are seated around it. As the table slowly turns, the guests taste the flavors and listen to a synchronized music composition coherent with the position of the foods and their tastes.

Directed, composed and designed by Lars Kynde and Nikolaj Kynde.
Food composition by Mette Martinussen and Augusta Sørensen.
Porcelain by Giulia Crispiani

The development of Tasteful Turntable was supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL within instrument inventors initiative’s 2014 research and production program focusing on “non-data based technologies, embodied knowledge and returning to the senses”.

“The combination of the sound and food is consequential on an analytical level but at the same time poetic and image provoking. The composer (us in this case) has an analytic approach, and the audience translates the experience into meaning. Often the most beautiful art is both analytic, yet consequentially poetic, like a fractal.”

-Interview with Lars and Nikolaj Kynde on Jegens & Tegens