We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together

We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together is  kinetic sound and light installation investigating the deconstruction and reconstruction of white noise and white light.

White noise is what the human ear hears in the presence of all wavelengths of the audible spectrum. Within a segment of white noise you have all the materials for every song ever written, and every song that will ever be written.  Similarly, white light is what the human eye sees in the presence of all wavelengths of the visible spectrum.   Like a prism divides white light into the complete visible color spectrum,“We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together” explores the idea of a sonic prism. The senses of the perceiver become the point in space in which all the different frequencies combine to create a field of infinite possibilities. 

“The material to make any song in the history of existence is all within a fraction of a second of white noise. I was thinking about a prism, which is a tool that divides white light into the full color spectrum so that it’s visible – and I was curious if you could do the same with white noise”

-Interview with Doron Sadja, Jegens & Tegens


“We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together” has been commissioned to Doron Sadja by iii in partnership with TETEM Kunstruimte as part of iii’s guest residency program which is organised with DCR guest studios and financed by the Creative Industries Fund NL and Stroom Den Haag