Experimental Perfume Workshop

Facilitator: Lauren Jetty
Language: English
Suitable for: Adults interested in working creatively with smell
Note: a version of this workshop based around garden scents is also available for children

This workshop is connected to the “ArtScience Body” experimental perfume kit.

Purchase the kit HERE

In this workshop Lauren Jetty will talk about the project ‘ArtScience Body’ and guide you through the making process. Set up a miniature perfume lab at home, smell the materials separately, observe how they change when blended together, as well as over time. You will need to purchase a kit HERE to join the workshop.

‘ArtScience Body’ is a perfume that bends notions of what is considered to be ‘perfume’ by fusing it with what people often attribute to DIY electronic music and media art: burnt electronics, hot metal, the inside of an old speaker, tobacco and soldering.

Past dates
May 22, 2021 – Artscience Body experimental perfume workshop (online)