Sunlight Photo Printing Workshop

Sunlight Photo Printing Workshop with Farah Rahman
Facilitator: Farah Rahman
Languages: Dutch, English
Ages: 6-10 years old
Duration: 3 hours

With the help of water and sunlight, you can make a your own blue prints. This process is called cyanotype. During the workshop, participants will pick their favourite plants from their surroundings and make a composition with them on a special piece of paper. Farah will then guide the participants through the process of making their own prints.

Cyanotype is a photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print. In this workshop we will produce our own cyanotypes through the use of sunlight, water, and organic materials from around the iii workspace area. Through playful creative sessions, we will create our own photographic compositions. At the end of the workshop, parents will be invited to see the prints made by participants. The participants can then take home their own photo prints and will be equipped with techniques that they can try at home.

Farah Rahman is a mixed media artist working with archives, found footage and objects. Farah’s tendency to collect and document artistically is similar to the work of an ethnographer who analyzes peoples and cultures through field research. She strives to use remixing media techniques as a research tool. Her starting point is the de-construction of found (archive) materials, fragments from the mainstream media landscape, popular culture and personal archives. Rahman studied audiovisual design at The Willem The Kooning Art Academy and is currently a member of the Film Werkplaats in WORM Rotterdam.

Past dates:
June 2, 2019, iii workspace