Project Space

G area, 200 m2,  height: 570cm

The project space is ideal for larger scale projects and public events. To see an agenda of events taking place in the project space, click here. Workspace members are able to book the project space for exclusive use, and otherwise it functions as shared workspace where members work on different projects side by side. The project space can be occasionally rented out for short time periods to other artists and organisations.

Tool workshop

K area, 75m2

The tool workshop is divided into three areas for working with wood, metal, and electronics. All workspace members have access to the workshop and may store and share their own tools here.


Sound Studio

C-3, 40m2

The sound studio is a sound-proof room for composing and rehearsing music and sound based work. All workspace members have access to the studio and are able to book the space for exclusive use.

Shared Workspace

F1+F2+F3, 111 m2

This is a flexible workspace where members work side by side on different projects. The space can hold 9 personal workstations and 2 shared workstations for common use. This workspace overlooks the canal.

iii workspace

Shared Office Space

D-5, 56m2

This luminous room overlooking the canal on the first floor is ideal for computer work in a warm and quiet environment. The space can hold several fixed and shared workstations and can also be used for meetings and social gatherings during meals and coffee breaks.

Private Studios

C-1, 35m2 and F4, 37m2

These 2 private studios are each shared between two workspace members. Studio F-4 has plenty of natural light and overlooks the water, but has poor sound isolation, while studio C-1 is more suitable for music and sound work.

shared office space
private studio unit

Floorplan Ground Floor

Floorplan First Floor