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Yuri Landman Interviewed on Jegens en Tevens

Prior to his Performance at No Patent Pending #28, Yuri Landman was interviewed by Jegens & Tevens’ Nathalie van der Lily.

“You don’t have a problem with people duplicating/replicating your work?

Well, I wish them all the best ;). First of all, if I publish something, it’s mine. And if someone wants to be a copycat… then he or she is already doomed. Patent is something for the capitalists and in the arts it doesn’t make any sense. I like to think in terms of community art. 500 people can do the same, but if you are the first then you are the pioneer and stay the most important one. They are so many bands who copy Nirvana – and actually some bands came very close sound wise –  but eventually you just want to hear Nevermind (album Nirvana).

But sometimes, the next generation of replicates is just as (or even better) good. A guy in Australia, he owns this company called New Complexity, builds similar “guitarhybrids” as I did in 2008. His instruments are actually more accurate, so I’m glad he’s developing new niche instruments. I bought a part from him and I consider him as totally equal and likeminded. Eventually art is mere evolution.”

Read the full interview here.